About Us

Forming max+gna as a collaborative business was born out of the realization that we work well together. No, we work GREAT together. When we met up in 2010, we had both been in the industry for several years as independant artists (max as a photographer, and gna as a makeup artist). but we really hit our artistic stride once we decided to embark upon some collaborative efforts in 2011. We haven’t looked back since.

Some people work best alone. We aren’t those people. We compliment, push, and challenge each other to never settle for anything less than creating awesome, creative and fun images. Our visions are so in tune we can read each other’s mind. Which makes us superheros. And we all know, all the best kick-ass superheros have sidekicks.

MAX+GNA are N. Maxwell Lander (photography/retouching/manipulation) and Susan ‘gna’ Willis (MUA/art direction). Having worked in industry independently for several years, the launch of MAX+GNA was born out of the desire to move towards collaboration in an increasingly interconnected world. Focusing primarily on portraiture, and passionately on fine art,  their work has been featured in publications such as the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, Xtra!, NOW, Vice (USA), Be (France), and Magpie Darling (London).  They are based out of Toronto.